Working-Action EAZ

Last Friday I went to EAZ for the working action. It was fun and cool to do and we actually took the picture you see here. I also was shown their workplace where they create the windmills. First off you get to hangout at EAZ which is a company, which produces small windmills that produce enough power to sustain a farm. EAZ was founded by old hardboarders. The company is very student friendly. It could be a really cool possible place for an internship. 

What are you going to do?

  • Drive around rural Groningen and go to farms.
  • Place stickers on windmills.
  • Deliver manuals about the windmills.
  • Chill with EAZ.
  • Earn 15 euro's per hour per car for Hardboard.
  • The money raised will be used to buy tricktionaries, such that there is one in both the Hulk & Susi

On Friday you will drive to the EAZ house with the susi and chill there with the different people from EAZ. On saturday morning you will start. You get to drive around and place stickers in pairs. Pro-tip: bring lots of snacks and music. 

It is a really cool way to aid Hardboard and EAZ. If you're interested and you would like to join here is a sign-up sheet.


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